Your Summer Weight Loss Tips..!!

Your Summer Weight Loss Tips..!!
After months of hiding from the winter's cold under the protective warmth of bulky clothes, it's time to start concentrating on eating healthy with the goal of getting that great Summer Body. Diet isn't everything though. Exercising is also an important component as you try to get in shape, but what you eat will ultimately have more influence over your figure. Here are some diet tips to help you obtain that beach body by the time summer completely rolls around.
Eat Your Fruits and Veggies
Filling your diet with fresh, nutritious, and low-calorie foods is the best way to begin transforming your body. Fruits and vegetables both fit the bill. Eating 3-5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily is recommended. When the afternoon rolls around and you need a snack, reach for an apple or some baby carrots instead of cookie! Don't think of it as having to avoid the treat, think of it as having to fill your daily fruit and vegetable quota.
Eat a High-Fiber Lunch
No more empty calories! You'll be much less prone to snack if you eat a lunch that is filled with fiber. A bowl of salad with a 1 vegetable roll makes for an excellent high fiber lunch (bonus: it's also low in calories). Eat a lunch full of fiber and you'll be amazed at how many hours you can go without a snack.
Cut Back on Sweets
Let's face it: you can't expect to transform you body when you're consuming lots of processed foods and refined sugars. You need to cut back significantly if you want real results. That's not to say that you can't still enjoy the occasional treat--it just needs to be done in moderation. There are a couple of ways to cut back. One way is to enjoy something small every day, like a few small pieces of dark chocolate or a fruit curd. You won't feel deprived if you still treat yourself every day. 
Count Your Calories
The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you're taking in. Based on your age, weight, height and activity level an online calorie calculator will estimate how many calories you need to maintain or lose weight. Start keeping a food journal to keep track of every bite you take. You can modify your diet based upon what you write down.
Combine these diet tips with a regular exercise regimen and you can expect to obtain your best summer body!!

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