Yoga ( You Obviously Get Admired)

Yoga ( You Obviously Get Admired)

Yoga is there from ancient times but it has come lately in news when some international, hollywood actors have started doing and getting benefits of Indian science. In US there are lots of yoga studios, which are following the trends and is catching craze across the world. Lately in India also it has started slowly catching after famous actors have started doing it and its catching a fad.

Yoga is science, which have been developed by our ancestors who new that in this modern world since there would be stress, medical conditions and people would not have time yoga will play an important role in daily life

Yoga is all about control, de-stressing, focus, confidence, strengthen your muscles, toning your body in you and its like slow obsession once you get into it then you cannot just miss it. Yoga plays a very important role in your weight loss journey and we at I Wanna B Fit believe on fitness through Yoga.

Some very useful tips while performing yoga

  • Do not eat 3-4 hours before performing yoga asana
  • Listen to your body and do not stretch beyond your limits
  • Its about right posture and try to do it right with good instructor as its not about quantity its about quality
  • Perform asana with positive and stress free mind whether it’s in morning or evening as it’s about the quality time which you spend.
  • Yoga is long-term process and its important that you should bring discipline in the regime as doing it on certain fixed days will help you achieve your goals faster.
  • Try to do yoga with your buddy, as it will help you to spend some quality time with someone you love and will keep you motivated.
  • Do not eat half an hour after performing yoga asana

Once you start doing Yoga your body will be de-stressed, confident, active more focused and people will start seeing positive change in you and You Will Be Admired.

Have A Healthy Weight Loss 

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