Winter and Weight Loss Myth !

Winter and Weight Loss Myth !


Every year, lakh of people make the New Years' resolution that this year I WILL lose weight BUT with time passes 15 days or so and we come back and the resolution is put at back burner and slowly its fizzles But, why is this so? Why is it so difficult to lose weight, especially in the winter?  There is a science behind physical activity, metabolism, and how they relate to weight loss (and gain) in cold weather.

Activity in Winter and Weight Loss

Physical activity plays a important role and there is myth that with cutting calories through diet is the only way where we can reduce its not as with every diet you consider the focus has to be the physical activity as along with physical activity for 60 min a day and with controlling your food habits the weight loss is achievable.

The journey is about discipline and with slowly adapting a change will lead you to have your resolutions live and you will achieve your weight loss objective

Obviously, being physically active is an easy way to achieve and maintain weight loss. But, in the winter months, when it is cold and fog outside, it becomes difficult to exercise Shorter days make you feel tired earlier, preventing a trip to the gym so do some Yoga or some activity. The lack of regular physical activity in the winter definitely contributes to higher levels of weight gain during the winter months. Take some time out of your schedule and consider doing activity at home or personal instructor so that the pace is there and you lose

Metabolism and Weight Loss

Now, let's consider how your metabolism acts in the winter and how this affects weight loss. While most of us understand that the metabolism is the part of the body that burns food, it also is essential to make sure the body is running efficiently. During cold weather, our metabolism is what helps to keep us warm. Without it, our core temperature would drop, and we would begin to suffer from cold etc. and by working harder , the metabolism is burning more calories.

Is Weight loss in winter difficult?

This is one difficult question to answer as the science behind the question dictates that we should actually lose weight during winter months. Our metabolism is revved, and is burning more calories than in warmer months. However, our inability to do physical activity level results in fewer calories being burned and with all good seasonal dishes also plays a role in gaining.


You need to take a way to get yourself to the gym, doing yoga class, walk, jog everyday no matter what and this will help you maintain your weight loss goals apart from following diet plan as its easy to lose weight in winter with moderate activity and portion control.


Eat Healthy , Exercise Daily  Lose Weight Live Life during winters

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