What Does Earth Day Mean To You?

What Does Earth Day Mean To You?
Earth Day is all about appreciating and protecting our natural resources. Today marks the 44th Earth Day, and while we all may acknowledge the day, it can be a challenge to think of ways to celebrate it beyond wearing green.
However, there are plenty of ways to make the most of Earth Day that help keep you, and the planet, healthy.
Enjoy the Outdoors
What better way to celebrate the Earth than by going out and enjoying it? Whether you walk, run, skate, skip, or bike, take some time on Tuesday (and every day) to go outside. Doing so will increase your appreciation for the planet, and you’ll fit some exercise into your day.
Eat Earth-friendly foods
It’s a fact that some foods are more Earth-friendly than others. They add nutrients back into the Earth and provide shelter for wildlife. In many cases, the most Earth-friendly foods are grown and made locally without creating greenhouse gasses or using fossil fuels. Like brown rice , brown bread, go vegetarian,  more organic foods freshly from farmers market. 
Plant Something
A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to plant something, be it a houseplant, tree, or an entire garden. If you go the garden route, not only will you be adding more green into the world, but you’ll also be supplying yourself with fresh fruit and vegetables all season long!
So how will you rededicate yourself this year? What will you do differently?
Happy Earth Day!

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