Weight Loss is a Mind Game

Weight Loss is a Mind Game
Every time you have to convince your mind that you can do and your body starts responding to the fact that you can do. Stays focused and lose weight fast, some of the weight loss tips for you:
Add don’t Subtract- Instead of subtracting; add healthy foods to your diet. Healthy foods which you love the most like cherries, strawberries, and banana in fruits. Whole cereals for lunch; veggies and soups for dinner.
Add some physical in our daily lifestyle like dancing, mopping, sweeping, washing the car or rather just go walking.
Drink a glass of water before every meal, this will help you to watch what you eat, rather than just hog everything.
Switch to lower calorie version rather than completely avoiding, for example enjoy pizza but with little of cheese.
Don’t avoid going out for meals, rather take an extra round while doing an exercise.
Size matters, use smaller plates, bowls or spoon. Because if you serve smaller portions in large plate size your craving will increase and you will end up eating more.

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