Watermelons a cool refreshing summer drink !

Watermelons a cool refreshing summer drink !


Juicy flesh of the melon is rich in vitamin C and is a great source of potassium to help to prevent fluid retention.

A melon contains over 92% water which can help keep the kidneys working well. The orange color varieties are a great source of Beta- carotene and are also high in vitamin C, although amounts vary according to variety. All melons are rich in vitamin, B6 and potassium and several varieties are high in bioflavonoid group of plant chemicals, which have anti cancer, anti-heart disease and anti-ageing properties. Melons are also rich in soluble fiber, while watermelon is a particular good source of lycopene, which helps protect against cancer prostate cancer.

Did you know?

Unlike many fruits, melons don’t ripen once peeled, so choose one with rich fragrance, which indicates it is ripe. If it has wrinkles, it is overripe. Store melons at cool to moderate room temperature.

Nutrients value per 100gm of watermelon 

  • Calories 28 cal
  • Fat-trace
  • Protein -1 g
  • Carb -6.3 g 

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