Treat You Skin - This Monsoon

Treat You Skin - This Monsoon
Dry Skin
Orange – Grind orange peel dried in the shade. Knead the powder in the milk and rub the dry skin with it. The skin will regain its softness.
Milk – rubbing the skin with milk cream makes it soft. To protect from sun burn rub milk cream mix with rose water. Alternatively, milk cream can be mixed with honey.
Papaya – Grind ripe papaya and rub the pulp on face. It will make the facial skin smooth and soft and enhance the beauty.
Oily Skin
Water – If the extra oil in the skin is removed the problem will be solved. For this, cleanse the skin with hot water.
Sandal Wood – Knead sandal wood powder in rose water and rub on the face. It removes spots on the facial skin as well as acne and pimples.
Apple – Grind an apple fully well and apply the paste on the face. Wash it off after 10 min.

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