Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Lose

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself  To Lose


Weight Loss Journey: Biggest Question



1. A Realistic Goal

The question comes in mind how many KG s and straight away its comes 10 kg or 20 kg, as you set this goal which is unrealistic the chances are you will not succeed as its have taken years, months to put on,

Give Time To Yourself to Shed. Keep your goals realistic and achievable like 2 kg and then achieve the same and set again the new target

2. Find A Weight Loss Buddy

Select a Buddy who has also to lose weight and start challenging him and slowly slowly you will be in position to have healthy competition and also mental, physiological support and it will help you to lose weight and you will see results.

3. Join Some Physical Activity Class

You should start doing some physical activity like Yoga, Dance or any  running , jogging etc. in a group of your own choice and start working out so that you can see some results  as an activity of one hour is Just 4 % of your day so you should try doing it

4. Old Memories Die Hard

Start seeing your old picture when your young, married etc and see how beautiful you look when you were fit and keep focusing on the old memories and remember those old lovely days and get yourself motivated to be like it.

5. Hang Your Workout Outfit near to your bed

Once you start the weight loss journey the biggest question is to start a disciple. There is very strong saying THE DISTANCE BETWEEN DREAMS AND REALTITY IS CALLED DISCPLINE so to get your self discipline put your Workout gear like shoes, track pants in front of you and you should every day and one day it will become part of your daily routine.

6. Inform your Family, Friends about your plans

Announce the arrival of one great plan Weight Loss to your near one and friends as they will not appreciate in start but the more you announce you will have more will power to tell them I WILL and I HAVE TO DO IT ..Its important to announce as initially larger number of people  will laugh and then they will start believing once the change starts.

7.  Think Positive

Positive thinking is the most important tool in the weight loss journey as you are the only one who can motive yourself to drive and get set go with the weight loss journey.. Think positive and think about the beautiful dress you wore as for a person who have gained weight have got all Size dresses and some of the beautiful one you would miss.. Think positive even a SMALL CHANGE IS BETTER THAN NO CHANGE

8. Keep It Fresh and Fun

You should keep it fresh do 3 days one physical activity and combine with some others like,, 3 Days Yoga Class, with 3 Days  walk  or 3 Days dance class with Yoga or running, jogging, walking, cycling, swimming or any form of physical activity as there should be joy in whatever you do and you should know how to CHEAT YOUR BODY to keep it fresh

9. Moderate, Do Not Eliminate

Diet Plan is very simple  (DO IT EVERY TIME) is what the mantra for successful diet is and the day you start following the concept of Diet you will start enjoying the results of the diet. Do moderate your food plan and do not eliminate anything which you love because once you get hungry you will attack that that particular and eat and then you will miss moderation.

10. Reward Yourself

Last but not the least REWARD YOURSELF with good food once in week but remember in Moderation as you workout keep your taste buds on and eat the food which you love and believe its CHEAT TREAT. Every successful week should give treat to yourself for every single step, which you have taken towards the right Weight Loss Journey

Live Your Dream


                        Lose Weight

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