Tone Your Abs And Also Thighs With Lotus Cobra Pose:

Tone Your Abs And Also Thighs With Lotus Cobra Pose:
How to perform Lotus Cobra Pose:
  • Arrange your legs in a cross legged position.
  • Slowly take your right leg and set it over your knee. Make sure your heel is facing upward. Do the same with your left leg.
  • Lie down on the belly in the same pose.
  • Adjusting your hands under your shoulders, lift your chest and shoulders up.
  • Try not to exert yourself very hard in the pose. Hold for 10 seconds in normal breathing and to resume slowly straighten your legs and lower down the chest.
  • Strengthens the spine stretch the chest, shoulders.
  • Reduce  abdominal fat, firm the buttocks, and relieve stress and fatigue.
Do not perform:
  • Avoid in case of knee problems.

*Please perform yoga asana under guidance of trained instructor, we are not medical organization please do not consider it as advice or diagnosis. Please speak to the doctor before starting Yoga poses

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