Tomorrow Never Comes ! Loose Weight Now

Tomorrow Never Comes ! Loose Weight Now

The day you decide (which keeps on changing every time as per our convenience) that now you need to loose weight, the new chapter starts in your life as this is about change, change in your habits, food preferences, your daily routine etc.

As you know change is tough and is inevitable too and the biggest example of successful change is from caterpillar to a butterfly, which is the toughest change but the end result is, all we know a beautiful butterfly.

Weight is again a change from poor eating to right eating, its about change from obese look to slim fit look and which everyone want to achieve in life but is not sure about how, when and biggest question why?

Weight loss is change and change is going to tough and since its been months, years you have formed some habits and you are now overweight and now suddenly someone (external environment, socio economic culture) is pushing you to change its not going to happen and then you say Its my Life and I do not feel I will be able to make up and lose your hope and come back to your easy routine life.

The biggest reason you do not know how to lose weight is Adaptability to Change so whether you follow diet plan, its week you will follow, gym sells you one year membership you will stop after 3 months, you buy a treadmill and after one month it will be used as your towel stand etc.

Weight loss is in your mind and the only thing, which stops you to change, is your fear to change and fear to do things different and YOU are only the one who do not want to loose weight.

So decide the change and every single step consciously taken towards a new you will only happen if you are passionate about your life and YOUSELF because if you are not able to do now you will never be able to do because TOMORROW NEVER COMES !

Lose Weight

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