Summer Sandwich

Summer Sandwich
The quality in the beans, nuts, seeds or grains improves when it is sprouted. Adding sprouts in your diet will give you the necessary protein intake required by your body.   Make the sandwich as healthy and more nutritious by adding sprouts in it. Including sprouts in your diet will provide more vitamin A, B- complex, vitamin C and E. Now enjoy this nutritious summer sandwich.
Preparation time – 5min
Cooking time -20 min
Serves – 4
1.Sprouted moong  dal – 1cup 
2.Chopped cucumber – ½ cup 
3.Chopped tomato – ½ cup 
4.Watermelon – 1cup  
5.Hung curd –1cup
6.Mint - few
7.Salt and pepper – to taste 
8.Brown bread/ multigrain bread - 8 slice
9.Butter- 2tbsp
1.Mix the above ingredients (moong sprouts,chopped cucumber,chopped tomato, watermelon,hung curd,mint and salt & pepper to taste)
2.Keep this mixture in refrigerator for 15 min.
3.Now toast the bread slices with 2tbsp butter. 
4.Stuff the bread toast with the chilled mixture.
5.Now it’s ready to enjoy.
Nutritive value per serving:
Calories -210kcal
Protein- 45g
Fat- 5g

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