Start Your New Year Resolution!! Chose Your One

Start Your New Year Resolution!! Chose Your One
Hi friends we wish you a happy and healthy new year ahead. New Year eve represents the fresh start of a new year after a period of remembrance of the passing year. It is the time to celebrate with fun and also the time to take care of our health by making healthy resolutions. “Changes will never change” but you need to make some change in this New Year.
Here some New Year resolutions are there to proceed healthy year: 
  • Train yourself to wake up early without an alarm clock.
  • Find time to relax by involving in any activity (like yoga, brisk walk, and jog).
  • Practice deep breath to kick out the stress.
  • Always have your breakfast but control your portions.
  • Slash sodium consumption  by eliminating junk foods.[Try to avoid  preserved food  like pickle, ready to eat or ready to cook items in your diet because sodium can rice blood pressure. Processed food contains sodium, so make sure to read labels.]
  • Increase antioxidants through variety of food. [i.e.  including rainbow color in your diet will increase the availability  of antioxidant  to your body .(for example , grapes , orange ,banana, leafy vegetables, etc)
  • Washout disease by enough water intake.[Water makes up about 60% of your body weight . It plays major roll in body function. Hence a person should have at least 9 - 10    glass of water per day.] 
  • Raise your glass to 2014 with limited peg. [The recommended daily safe limit for men is 3 unit a day & for women its 2 unit a day.]
  • Have a sweet dream with 8 hours sleep.
“Make up your mind to start following those resolutions and we wish you this new to be filled with full of glade and prosperity.”

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