Saunf For Menopause

Saunf For Menopause
Also known as fennel seeds came from both the fennel herb and the fennel vegetables. Fennel seeds reduce the appetite when consume as fennel tea, hence is regarded as an aid to weight loss. Chewing fennel seeds is remedy for bad breath. For women fennel seeds fennel seeds are helpful when breastfeeding as they contain compounds that stimulate milk production. However the seeds should be avoided during pregnancy as they may over stimulate the uterus. Fennel seeds may also be good for relieving menopausal symptoms.
Did you know?
Fennel seeds are delicious with meats, so make seeds in the meat and stuff with few seeds before roasting. Add extra flavor to potato salad with crushed fennel seeds.
Nutrients per 100 gm fennel seeds
  • Calories 200kcal
  • Protein-9 g
  • Carb -30g
  • Fat 9g

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