Reverse Crunches..Workout To Flatten Your Belly..

Reverse Crunches..Workout To Flatten Your Belly..
How to perform:
  • Lie flat on your back on the floor. 
  • Keep your hands besides the body with palms facing the floor.  
  • Raise your legs off the floor at 90 degrees angle to the floor and cross them as shown. 
  • Now gently using and tightening  your abs, raise your hips up and down.
  • Do it in 2-3 sets with 15-20 reps per set.
Helps you to tone and strengthen the muscles in your abdomen.
Do not perform:
If you have any spinal disorder.
*Please perform yoga asana under guidance of trained instructor, we are not medical organization please do not consider it as advice or diagnosis. Please speak to the doctor before starting

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charu sachdev said...

I am 5 feet 2 weight is problem area is my stomach..I am 41..I want to reduce from my I hv double chin5


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