Purple Your Tongue with Jamun

Purple Your Tongue with Jamun
The monsoon is yet to hit the city, but the little jamun bandis have already made their appearance. This sweet and sour fruit that leaves your tongue purple, is not just great on taste, but comes with a host of health benefits. A lot of people shy away from eating fruits because they are not tasty enough. However, jamun has a sharp sweet and sour taste that lays rest to that excuse. 
Good for diabetics
Jamun is extremely good for diabetics because of its low glycaemic index. Not only does it keep your blood sugar levels in check, it also prevents common diabetes symptoms like frequent thirst and urination from appearing.
Helps increase haemoglobin count
Jamun also helps increase haemoglobin count. Vitamin C and iron are two nutrients present in jamun that are responsible for this health benefit.  
Leaves of the tree are good for your digestive and oral health
Leaves of the jamun tree are great for your digestive system and oral health. The leaves have been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat diarrhoea and ulcers. They also have anti-bacterial properties which makes them an ingredient in many medicines for treating oral health problems. 
For pimples
Rub jamun seeds on a hard surface with water- in a way you do it with sandalwood in temples. Apply this paste on your face to get rid of pimples.
Did you know?
•Always have jamuns after your meals and not empty-stomach. (just like you have medicines)
•Do not drink milk 1 hour before or after eating jamuns.
•Those who have some kind of swelling on any of the body parts, suffering from continuous vomiting, females after parturition or people who have been fasting for a long time should NOT have jamuns.
•Always eat jamuns with salt (preferably rock salt).
•If you think you have over-eaten jamuns, have salted buttermilk (preferably homemade) to feel better.
So, that is it. Go, indulge.
Nutritive value of per 100g:
Calories- 62kcal
Protein- 0g
Carbs- 14g
Fat- 0g

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