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Party Hard This Weekend...Still Loose Weight!!

Party Hard This Weekend...Still Loose Weight!!
After a long work week, we all need that bit of Cheat Treat on the weekend. Almost everybody believes in the ‘work hard and party harder’ mantra.  So when the weekend comes calling and all you want to do is let your hair down and have fun, it's important to take care of what you eat especially when you are on diet. To survive long nights of partying and overcome problems like overeating, dehydration, head-aches, here are some tips on what to eat and avoid at parties:
•Eat in: Your party will have lots of food and drink. To avoid unnecessary binging and prevent getting high on the first drinks eat a small meal from home.
•Space out: If you drink alcohol space out your drinks with ½ glass of water.
•Cut shots: Do not take shots how much ever you’re tempted to have them to prevent spoiling rest of the party.
•Red alert: If you have red wine, have it with cheese based starters to slow down the alcohol release.
•Avoid raw foods: Do not take raw salads and meats to prevent gastric irritation, stick to cooked food.
•Delete the dessert: Do not take dessert at the party to prevent adding an extra inch.
•Starters OR Mains: Eat either starters (dimsum, tandoori vegetables) or mains do not eat both, take lesser calories, if you are a non-vegetarian take non-fried chicken or fish based starters.
•Cut the Crabs: Avoid gaining weight by cutting on the carbohydrates (e.g. Roti, rice, potatoes) for dinner at the parties as alcohol will compensate for the carb calories.
•Fruit it up: End your dinner with a bowl of freshly cut fruits to avoid dehydration and replenish your body with required electrolytes.

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