Navratri: A Festival of Belief, Fasting and Weight Loss

Navratri: A Festival of Belief, Fasting and Weight Loss


With Navratri fasting and feasting season is back, although most of us agree that this is the right time to lose weight but somehow healthy eating takes a backseat for most of the people. Fasting is also one of the inexpensive mediums of purification and detoxification and is the most effective during Navratri,  due to change in weather from autumn to winter this is the best period for losing weight and starting weight loss journey but instead of fasting, most of us end up feasting on high-calorie food in these 9 days.

You may be wondering that we are asking you to not eat during this festive its not as all we are saying is that with slight portion control and modifications in your food for these 9 days will help you avoiding lot of extra calories.

There is lot misinterpretation about the detoxification that it means starving but its not as it clearly indicates that is about drinking lot of fluids, lots of liquids to keep hydrated and eat light food and focus on light breathing and stretching exercises as its about purification of your mind, soul and body.

Fasting is good way but there are lot of precautions one need to take to ensure that you should have control on portions in any of the meals you take and there should be something you are regularly taking because either people fast for the day and the eat Navratri special food or snacks which are actually of more calorie intake then your normal diet food and secondly its about change as in 9 days the change start happening and your body start adopting this change and then suddenly after 9 days of fasting or irregular food you start your normal diet which increases your weight.

Importantly you should chose your food and also the diet which you want to follow as fasting in name of belief does not give you liberty to eat potato chip or snacks which are unhealthy and then very irregular.


May Goddess Durga, Shakti gives you courage, wisdom and strength to fight with all odds and win after 9 days.

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