Navaratri Special Healthy Alternative for Potatoes

Navaratri Special Healthy Alternative for Potatoes
Sweet and creamy texture of sweet potatoes are riches in nutrients than potatoes and lower on the glycaemic index, and so are of benefit for diabetics and dieters and for  regulating blood sugar levels. They also contain plant sterols and pectin that can help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol. They are high in beta-carotene as well as being an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. Being high in potassium helps to regulate body fluids and prevent fluid retention. Sweet potatoes can be substituted for normal potatoes in many recipes, they can be added to curries, pasta, or simply mashed. Always serve sweet potato with dash of oil, as it helps carotene absorption. 
Did you know?
Sweet potato contains naturally occurring substances that can crystallize, and people with kidney or gall bladder problems may be advised not to eat them.
Nutrient Value per 100 gm 
• Calories - 129 kcal
• Proteins – 2.4 gm
• Carbs - 30 gm
• Fat - Trace

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