Make Your Workout More Effective:

Make Your Workout More Effective:

Yoga is the most common workout trend that many of us choose as a way to lose weight and tone up. But do we know there are some extremely common misconceptions that we have before start practising yoga? There are a lot of little ways that you may be making your yoga classes less effective.Here are some common misconceptions that we should know about: 

Driving Yourself Very Fast
Indoor cycling or CrossFit classes are all about speed: seeing how much you can do in a set amount of time. They have their own benefits with high intensity. Yoga is about going S-L-O-W. “The myth out there is that if you’re not moving fast, you’re not getting a good workout, which is not true for every type of fitness. In yoga, the slower you go, the better and harder your workout will be. It’s more about building endurance,” Doing suryanamaskars in a very fast paced manner is the best form of yoga or it is power yoga is the biggest myth. Surya namaskar is a series of asanas or yoga poses performed in a flow. It is a circuit of alternate backward and forward bending movements, flexing and stretching the muscles of the body. The purpose of this sequence is to help you maintain hygiene and energy levels, and to help you have a positive mental state. 

Doing more asanas will give quicker results:
When it comes to exercise most people believe in the mantra; ‘No Pain, No gain’. Technically however, yoga or any other form of work out is not designed to hurt your body. The rule of thumb in yoga is to exercise to relax your mind and body. No doubt every muscle should be stretched or contracted, but only within one’s capacity. Exercise should not be made synonymous with pain. In fact, the moment there is pain you must stop. Pain is a signal that our mind sends to our body to indicate that we have exceeded our physical capacity and that it is time to stop. So, understand your body, don’t hurt it. What is important is to exercise regularly, perfectly, systematically and with a very peaceful state of mind.

Back-bends and twists are your go-to for back pain:
It may seem intuitive to want to bend the back into cobra pose if its aching, but this could actually bring on more pain. “95 percent of back problems are not related to flexibility,” 
Here back muscles need to be strengthened, rather than stretched. If you suffer from back pain, go easy on the twists and focus on moves that will work the back, such as locust pose and half bridge pose in guidance of your instructor. 

Positioning Feet Too Far Or Close:
Let’s face it. When you’re trying to breathe, hold poses, focus, and chill out all at the same time, it can be very easy to overlook the tiny details. But leg width is the main important when it comes to proper body alignment. “Too close together can bring on knee pain, but being too far apart can cause pulled hamstrings”. Need to do the same in the proper guidance of your trainer.

Skipping the resting Pose: “Savasana”:
If you regularly skip lying still, meditating, and slow breathing exercises, at last or in the last few minutes of your session.One of the very things that all yoga is the importance of Savasana, pretty much almost every style, every theory, anywhere in the world. Not only does this last pose allow us to completely relax, it’s actually one of most challenging poses, which is why many might want to avoid it. “We’ve gotten really good at working hard, multitasking, and challenging ourselves but what we need to work on is sitting still and stilling our minds, which can be the most difficult thing to do nowadays,” 

Above are some super important points to be always remembered while doing your yoga workout.

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