Losing Weight is a Mind Game

Losing Weight is a Mind Game
Life has no Remote,
Get up and change it yourself!
Changing few food habits make a big difference to your diet. Try these small changes; this can make a big overall difference to your diet.
Breakfast – Most important meal of the day
Swap sugary cereal with wholegrain breakfast cereal, with no added sugar.
Swap whole milk to skimmed milk.
Swap mayonnaise with hung curd.
Swap to low fat curd instead of full fat curd.
Swap to whole fruits rather than fruit juices.
Swap white breads with whole wheat or multigrain breads.
Swap cheesy spreads with hummus spread on your breads.
Swap fried eggs to poached egg or boiled eggs.
Lunch – Taking lunch break and nourishing the brain with food will lead to better work in the afternoon.
Swap creamy cheese sauces with tomato or vegetable based sauces on your pasta.
Swap refined atta with whole wheat, multigrain, channa atta or oats bran atta.
Swap white sugar to brown sugar. Use less of sugar free products.
Swap fried fish to steamed or roasted fish dishes.
Snacks – Right choices in snacks can play an important role in managing hunger and boosting nutrition
Swap salted nuts for unsalted nuts.
Swap fried snacks to roasted snacks.
Swap white flour biscuits with whole wheat multigrain biscuits.
Swap milky chocolates to healthy snacking bars or dark chocolates.
Swap cheese snacks for fresh fruits.
Swap potato chips for low fat soya snacks.
Swap an ice coffee for fruit smoothie.
Dinner – Last meal of the day, it’s important to make the right choices, to balance blood sugar levels
Swap the frying pan for the grill when cooking meat.
Swap white rice to brown rice or white rice in boiled form instead of pressure cooking it.
Swap arhaar and channa dal’s with moong and masoor dal’s for dinner.
Swap ice-creams with fruit yogurts.
Swap pizza dinner for grilled lean meat.
Swap creamy salad dressing for herbs and lime juice.
Occasionally swap red meat to lean meat, fish, grill chicken or legumes.
Swap usual coffee made with whole milk or creamer with skimmed milk.
Swap a few sugary drinks with lemon water or coconut water for this summer.
Swap hot chocolate made with whipped cream for hot chocolate made with skimmed milk.
For diabetics use natural sugars like raisins, figs, fruits (selected ones) in the drinks instead of artificial sweeteners.
Swap butter or margarine for olive or canola oil.
Swap butter for hummus spread.
The way we prepare food also plays important role in keeping us healthy. So everything which we eat has small impact on our body. 

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