Lose Weight with Fruits...This Monsoon

Lose Weight with Fruits...This Monsoon
Fruits during this season play an important role in not only prevention of infections due to their high anti-oxidant content but also aid in weight management and all round well-being. Fruits are one of nature's most beautiful gifts that provide rich and nourishing antioxidants linked to boosting the immune system and reducing infections.
Jamun: With early showers, jamuns are the first fruits to be available in this season. These are extremely low in calories, hence can be consumed by everybody! It contains important nutrients like iron, protein, folate, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, fibre, and certain phyto-chemicals with traces of calcium. These berries are known for their blood sugar lowering properties and hypoglycaemic effect. It is known that jamuns help reduce blood sugar by approximately 30 per cent. Hence these are effective in treating diabetes. Jamuns also help treat diarrhoea and are known as blood purifying agents. The jamuns have a lot of medicinal properties which aid in managing lung diseases, heart ailments and arthritis. Hence include jamuns in your mid morning meal and see the results.
Cherries: These are also low on calories and contain anti-inflammatory components that help relieve chronic painful episodes of gout arthritis and sports injuries. The anti-oxidant melatonin present in these fruits not just helps prevent oxidative damage but also has a soothing effect on the brain and instigates a calming effect reducing irritation, frustration, headaches and also insomnia. Consumption of cherries will definitely keep you away from infections this season!
Litchi: These contain no cholesterol and saturated fats and provide only 66kcal/100g of serving. They contain high levels of Vitamin C which helps increase resistance towards infections and strengthen the immune system. Consumption of litchi also helps revitalise skin and help reduce weight. Important minerals like potassium and copper present in litchi help in maintaining blood pressure and RBC (red blood cells) count respectively.
Peach: This fruit contains highest amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin B-carotene that helps protect the skin, enhances vision and not only provides protection from lungs diseases but from cancers like oral cancer. This fruit is again low on calories and contains no saturated fats. Its main anti-oxidant is Vitamin C that helps prevent free radical damage boosting immunity. 
Plum: Plum contains phenolic compounds and has anti-oxidant properties. It contains Vitamin C which aids in better absorption of iron and also protects against infections thus avoiding cold and flu. It also helps prevent oxidation of lipo protein which is the key cause of atherosclerosis. These have high fibre content and help in proper digestion.

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