Lose Weight Naturally

Lose Weight Naturally
Indigestion is the cause of pain..!!
Treatment is not for the disease but for the patient, not for the body but for the vital force that keeps the body going.
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After you wake up in the morning rinse your mouth and drink fresh water. Get up before sunrise, get yourself free and exercise. This way you will lead a cheerful day.
Take your meals before sunset
While you are asleep the digestive system gets weekend. Therefore, you should not go to sleep at least before three hours after the meal during the day or at night. This way food gets digested before you go to sleep. If you have to eat late at night, take some fruits and milk.
Before Meals
Drink a glass of water an hour before the meals. It would be better to squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and then drink it. Before you begin the meals take a sip of water.
During the Meals
Take your meals in cheerful mood. Don’t drink water during the meals. If necessary take a sip or two. Drink water half an hour after the meals. At the end of meals take a glass of buttermilk, you will not suffer from constipation. Eat a little less than your appetite.
After the Meals
A leisured stroll of hundred steps after the meals helps in digesting the food properly. If you keep sitting after meals it makes you lazy and dull. Rest for half an hour after the meals is good because when food reaches the stomach, nature gets involved in the job of digestion and more blood starts flowing towards stomach so that more digestive juices can be produced. If immediately after meals we do something that involves physical or mental exertion the stomach gets less blood because the flow of blood is diverted towards other parts of the body, as a result no proper digestion. So just take leisure stroll after meals.

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