Lose Weight A Sip Away

Lose Weight A Sip Away


Water and Weight Loss


Easiest and most economical way to attain healthy weight loss is start drinking 8-12glasses water every day .This new modification requires minor adjustment in your daily routine…. to keep unwanted weight at bay. Having water as habit can be one of the best choicest to make your diet plan work. Let’s find out how Water Habit can help you to attain & maintain your weight loss journey… it’s very apt to say … “ Lose weight a sip away “


1. Drinking Water Raises Your Metabolism

The Key driver for  weight loss is BMR , which stands for basal metabolic rate . A glass of water can act a catalyst to make your metabolic rate jumps. When you take a sip, your body processes that input, sending hydration throughout your system, and heating the water along the way, which burns calories.

2. Drinking Water Keeps You Full

Very easy to understand tough to follow ,always try to keep a water bottle in an arm reach whether you are at  work , home or out for shopping/eating. When you drink water your curbing the desire to eat more will be less and your will feel satisfied and fill. So no more additional  helping to make your tummy full, you will eating what you required to run your body.


3. Drinking Water Saves You from accumulating additional  Calories

Water act as natural filler and its only one drink which is calorie free too, So next time replace your aerated drinks with water and see the change. Say NO to accumulation of additional calories which we generally build on unknowingly by taking sips of coffee , tea , soda or even juices.

4. Develop Habit of drinking water

Someone rightly said basically, drinking water does the same thing for dieters trying to lose weight that chewing gum does for smokers who are trying to quit. As everyone knows that hunger is distant apart from the feeling of binging , so don’t be a snacker be a water sipper . Whenever feeling  of binging curbs in have water and see the change …..

5. Drinking Water Makes You Look & Feel Great TOO

In addition to weight loss , water helps you to feel energized , flushes out toxins , clear up your skin and gives natural healthy glow. It also found  water play very integral role in healthy heart and digestive system.



So it’s time to take a sip of water , as weight loss is sip away !!!!!!!

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