Lose Weght from The Sides...

Lose Weght from The Sides...
How to perform:
  • Lie down on your spine with legs straight and arms beside your thighs.
  • Spread your arms on your right and left sides and bend your knees.
  • On inhale turn your knees together to the right twisting your waist and neck to the left.
  • On exhale turn your knees to the left and neck in the right.  
  • Keep twisting the waist right and left for about 40-50 times in normal breathing.
  • Relax with legs straight and deep inhalation and exhalation.
Do not perform:
  • In case of severe back ache.
*Please perform yoga asana under guidance of trained instructor, we are not medical organization please do not consider it as advice or diagnosis. Please speak to the doctor before starting Yoga poses.

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