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How it works for weight loss

Join us
We would love to work for you.

Join and let our Nutrition experts to asses you and plan your personalized diet plan

Join us and start filling up the details right so our experts can understand your health goals, medical conditions, and lifestyle related concerns. Your exclusions, inclusions about your food habits etc act as guide to work on your diet plan, which is “Just For You”. It will not take more than 5 min to fill up the details however it will help our experts to exclusive plan for you.

3-Way Dynamic DFM plan
We are working for you

Once we receive your information our DFM (Diet, Fitness, Motivation) Program starts working. We strongly believe that every individual is different and so his plan should be and our team of expert’s dietician, fitness experts and motivational experts starts their work.

Our experts need 48 hours to plan you healthy easy to follow diet plan so that you can start your journey and that too with lot of options.

Once the program starts your personal dietician speaks to twice a week, fitness experts twice a week and motivational expert once a week to help you achieve your goals.
We believe weight loss is journey and it needs not just the diet. it requires proper fitness plan and also the most important motivation to ensure you keep following the right path.

Enjoy our 3-Way Dynamic DFM Program

Swap your Diet Plan
We are happy to provide more options

Your personalized diet plan is ready and you can access to your account provided by us to access and incase you want to swap your diet food we would help you to do so with other food options

Unlimited access to experts
We are there to assist you

Call us at +91-9650453555, +91-9818578909 email us at we as team would be working to ensure we help you satisfying your query.

We are available Mon to Sat 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on phone and also on live chat or call us for smallest of query as we would feel happy assisting you.

Healthy Tips and Exercise Guidelines
We are there to make you look fit and feel good

Get Healthy Tips and exercise guidelines so as to loose weight faster and also access to our Blogs, which are updated and have lot of valuable information to serve you in your journey of weight loss.

Yuppies…Get assured results
We will change your lifestyle

The much-awaited weight loss results are there and start living a new health lifestyle because we will not just change your food we will change your lifestyle. “Satisfaction Guaranteed”

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