Have Healthy Fast Food

Have Healthy Fast Food
Do you know why fast food is so yummy? Because the ingredients are full of fat! We cannot resist this food, but we can make it healthier. Here’s how: 
Have Whole Wheat Bread
Replace the white bread in sandwiches and burgers with whole wheat bread. Most fast-food outlets give you this option these days. White bread is made of refined flour and has no nutrients or health benefits. Eating brown bread instead of white bread in a sandwich saves you up to 70 calories.
Have the Right Chutney
No Indian snack is complete without mint and tamarind chutney. However, tamarind can give you a sore throat. You can replace this with chutney made from dates. Dates are good for the blood. They increase your haemoglobin count. Unclean water, if used to make chutney, can cause stomach infections and many water-borne diseases.
Say No to Mayo
Replace mayonnaise in subs and sandwiches with mustard sauce. Mayo is high in fat and has no nutritional benefits. Mustard has magnesium and phosphorus. Choose vingerette dressing (a mixture of salad oil and vinegar) simply because it’s not creamy and has fewer calories. Vinegar also has the power to get rid of a cold.
Grill Your Food, Don’t Fry
Love fried chicken? You should know that deep frying takes away all nutrients from the chicken. It is full of calories and is extremely unhealthy. Get your chicken grilled instead. Grilling your food saves you from a whole lot of calories and retains the protein in chicken. Ask for a lean cut to make sure your calorie intake is less.
Sip on Healthy Drinks
Replace those chocolate milkshakes with buttermilk or fruit shakes. Chocolate is high in fat and can be bad for your heart. Banana and strawberry shakes are healthier options. Just make sure fresh fruit is being used, not packaged essence. Better yet, have lassi or buttermilk. It is rich in calcium and gives you energy.There are enough healthier alternatives to your favourite fast foods. 
So eat healthy and you will look it and fab!

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