Happy Rakshabandhan 2013!! Celebrate it Healthy Way..

Happy Rakshabandhan 2013!! Celebrate it Healthy Way..
Rakhi is incomplete without sweets and feasting whether it is home cooked rich food.  Those who are on mission to lose weight here are few tips rather than saying ‘no’ to your favorite food.
Healthy suggestions for you on this rakhi:
  • Start your day with warm water.
  • For breakfast instead of munching on toast or parathans have platter of fruits and milk (incase rakhi feasting is saved up for lunch)
  • Poories are family tradition, if can’t avoid have it in moderation with salads and any one green vegetable with it.
  • Replace fried snacks with baked or grilled snacks like baked corn tikki or grilled paneer or bhelpuri or dahi bhalle.
  • Cook vegetabls gravy with hung curd instead of creams or malai.
  • Rakhi is incomplete without desserts, end your feast with apple kheer or fruit custard with jelly or apple pudding.
  • Opt for homemade healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews coated with chocolate sauce, rather than buying heavy mithais fron the market.
Hope this don’t spoil the fun…
                                          Happy & Healthy Rakshabandhan!!

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