Go with Antioxidant Umbrella – For This Summer

Go with Antioxidant Umbrella – For This Summer
As we all know when we exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun or from artificial sources, our body secretes the pigment, called melanin to protect the skin from burning. With the production of melanin the skin darkens. But the same UV race attacks the skin cells, causing dryness, wrinkles and melanoma.
Now the good news is melanin production is stimulated by the sun and tanning bed, but also by some good foods. This tanning diet should be followed during summer, when we get the fruits like mango, papaya and melons.
1.Tanning food are packed with anti oxidants compounds known as carotenoids, lycopene, beta- carotene and alpha – carotene).
2.Both lycopene and beta carotene are best absorbed in the presence of fat, so don’t forget to incorporate vegetable oil, nuts and seeds in your diet.
3.Another essential element of tanning diet is tyrosine amino acid, which is essential for the melanin production.
11 Foods to control your tanning:
4.Red and green bell pepper
8.Basil, mint, dill, oregano
10.Egg and egg white
11.Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese ( low fat products)
Tanning diet is beneficial at any phase of time. The best thing about it is – it is easy to stick with, and there is no side effect and could be followed easily as long as you can!

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