Get Nutty With Pistachio- This Diwali

Get Nutty With Pistachio- This Diwali
Pistachio nuts have become widely available in recent years and make a welcome addition to a healthy diet. 
High in sterols, which lower blood cholesterol and may protect against cancer.
Rich in potassium to lower blood pressure and eliminate fluid.
High in fibre and soluble fibre to aid the digestive system and improve blood cholesterol profile.
Help control blood sugar levels and may be of help to diabetes and people who are insulin resistant.
Add pistachio nuts to salads, breakfast cereals and stuffings.
Did You Know?
Pistachio is one of the few nuts to contain carotenes, which cause their distinctive green colored flesh.
Nutrient Value per 30 gm
• Calories - 167 kcal
• Proteins – 6 gm
• Carbs – 8.5 gm
• Fat – 13.5 gm

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