Get Gorgeous this KarwaChauth

Get Gorgeous this KarwaChauth
Karwa Chauth is a celebration of womanhood and the relationship between a husband and wife. On this special occasion, every woman wants to look stunning for her significant other, despite having to fast all day. Luckily, there are quite a ways to get gorgeous complexion on this festive day. 
It is easy to forget to drink water during the day. But during Karwa Chauth, it is easy to get dehydrated, thereby making you look pale, tired and wan. Luckily, you can prevent this by hydrating yourself for the week before this special day. Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily, and add lemon for an extra boost of Vitamin C. If you can’t drink so much water, at least have healthy juices instead. 
A regular exercise regimen will bring a blush to your cheeks, giving you a natural glow. This occurs because of the stimulation of circulation that occurs when you exercise, thereby delivering much needed nutrients and blood flow to every part of the body. If you exercise vigorously for the week before Karwa Chauth, not only will you have a natural flush to your skin, you will also feel svelte and toned when dressing up for the day! 
Avoid Scrubs
Don’t scrub your face with harsh exfoliants such as scrubs or loofahs. This can make your skin dry, red and angry, making you look less than perfect on this festive occasion. Instead, look for hydrating masks, for a glowing dewy complexion. 
Home beauty options 
For those who love a good home mask, do apply it a day or two before Karva Chauth. For those who need a little glow, mix together yogurt and some papaya for a gentle home treatment that will help make your skin look a little brighter. The lactic acid in the yogurt and the papain enzyme in papaya will help to gently exfoliate dull dead skin, ultimately giving you a natural and fresh faced look. 

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