Garlic a powerful antibiotic!

Garlic a powerful antibiotic!


Although often used only in small quantities, garlic can still make an impact on health. It is rich in powerful sulphur compounds that cause garlic’s strong odour but are the main source of its health benefits. Research has found that garlic can help minimize the risk of both heart disease and many types of cancer. It is also a powerful antibiotic and inhibits fungal infections such as athletes foot. It is also appears to minimizes stomach ulcers. Eaten in reasonable quantity, it is also good source of vitamin C, selenium, potassium and calcium. Garlic should be crushed or chopped and allowed to stand for a few minutes before cooking.

Did u know?

Lightly cook garlic- long cooking destroys its beneficial compounds. Using garlic while cooking meat reduces the chances of cancer promoting.

Nutrients per 2 garlic cloves

  • Calories- 9
  • Fat- trace
  • Protein -0.49 g
  • Carb- 2g 

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