Fast Sensibly... This Navratri!!

Fast Sensibly... This Navratri!!

If you keep fasts during navratri and go to work at the same time, here are some few tips to avoid fatigue and the bad effects of Navratri fasting.

  • Avoid Stress- When you are not following your regular routine of eating, stressfull situations can worsen your condition. Make sure that you have adequate fasting food with you to deal with any stressful circumstances. Have fruits, nuts, and salads to relax you while working.
  • Feast Wisely- Fasting should not mean binging on high calorie food. Fruits like apple, papaya, and guava will keep you energized the whole day. Nuts like almonds, raisins and walnuts give you instant energy and will keep you fill for long time. Use sendha namak to guard against weakness.
  • Guard against Acidity- Keep eating every 3-4 hours. No eating for a long time will increase the acidity in your body.
  • Do low impact exercise during navratri like brisk walk, simple aerobics.
  • If you are planning to hit the gym, then exercise after eating. Doing weight exercise when your body is lacking it will result in drawing energy from muscles.
Listen to your Body Needs…Don’t Strain It!!

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