Dont Fast...Feast This Navratri!!

Dont Fast...Feast This Navratri!!
With the start of navratri fasting and feasting season is back again, although most of us agree that this is the right time to lose weight but somehow healthy eating a backseat for most people. Instead of fasting, most of us end up feasting on high-calorie food in these nine days. Let’s take a look at the calories you consume during navratri in one typical thali.
  • 2 kuttu ke atta ki puris- 250 calories
  • ½ katori samak ki kheer- 175 calories
  • 2 pieces paneer kofta- 300 calories
  • 1 serve aloo sabji- 190 calories
  • 100 gm sabudana namkeens- 250 calories
Total approximate of whopping 1165 calories Yes, this is what generally people consume during one typical navratri meal.
Is fasting healthy?
Many may wonder if going on a nine-day fast is indeed healthy for our bodies. It is an extremely healthy practice as long as you don’t starve yourself. Fasting helps you cleanse and detoxify your body and mind. All you need to do is fast is the correct manner by eating small meals frequently and then eating your main meal at night post sunset. 
If not fasting properly
It is vital that you fast in a proper manner in order to enjoy the festivities and not strain your body’s health. And not fasting properly may lead to the conditions like:
•Weakness and fatigue
•Fainting due to drop in blood sugar level
•Unable to sleep properly
•Lack of stamina
Who should avoid fasting?
I suggest diabetics and pregnant woman avoid this fast as it can cause a drop in the blood sugar levels which is not conducive in both the cases.
Expert mantra 
  • Keep your portion control. 
  • Treat your sweet tooth with natural sweeteners.
  • Make better snack choices. Instead of munching on fried food.
  • If your foodie and want to please your palate, register now with us for your Healthy Navratri Feast Now!!
So eat sensibly and don’t let your fasting ruin your diet…Happy Navratri!!

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