Don\'t Miss; Maintain Your Fitness On Navratri Day 3:

Don\'t Miss; Maintain Your Fitness On Navratri Day 3:
 Exercise 1:
How to perform:
  • Sit down straight with your legs together, stretched out in front of you. Point both feet straight up towards the sky.
  • Be sure you are sitting with your spine straight.
  • Inhale, and stretch your arms up over your head. Following the direction of your hands; lengthen the entire spine upwards.
  • Exhale and bend forward from the hips keeping your spine as elongated as possible and reaching towards your feet with your hands as you come down and hold yourself when your hands become just parallel to the legs.
  • For this posture, try to avoid a lot of curvature in middle part of the spine. It is best to keep the back more straight, although not rigid, and bend from the hip area.
  • Be sure to keep the feet pointed straight up towards the sky and together.
  • Hold the asana for 10- 20 seconds. Come back to normal stage.
  • Can practice it 3 times.
Do not perform:
  • In case of slip-prolapsed disc problem.
*Please perform yoga asana under guidance of trained instructor, we are not medical organization please do not consider it as advice or diagnosis. Please speak to the doctor before starting Yoga poses

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