Cure Cold And Cough With Thyme - This Monsoon

Cure Cold And Cough With Thyme - This Monsoon
Thyme is famous for its fragrance, thyme is a herb known not only for its usefulness in the kitchen, but also because of the health benefits it offers.
1.The flavonoids present in thyme have antioxidant properties. The herb also contains manganese and vitamin K – powerful antioxidants known to protect against free radical damage and oxidative stress.
2.The anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent cardiovascular disease. The antibacterial properties in thyme fight harmful bacteria and fungi.
3.The herb is especially useful for those suffering from respiratory problem like bronchitis, cough and cold. Add the herb to a cup of hot water and drink it every night.
4.Thyme is packed with iron, which is especially important for women. Iron provides energy, and a deficiency causes anaemia and fatigue.
5.The vitamin K, iron, calcium and manganese present in thyme help improve bone health.
6.Experts say the herb powerfully combats bacteria that cause skin acne.
Nutritive Value of thyme (100g):
Calories – 101Kcal
Protein – 60g
Carbs – 24g
Fat – 1.7g

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