Coconut Reduces Sweet Cravings

Coconut Reduces Sweet Cravings




Coconuts are a delicious and nutritious source of fibre, mineral, vitamins and amino acids. The oil is an excellent for keeping young and beautiful.

It is not only a coconut oil good for helping your skin through ageing process but also an excellent moisturizer. It is not just good for our skin but it is safe for babies also.

Did you know?

People who know consume 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Every day for 12 wks had decreased the level of fat in their abdomen. This is significant because belly fat is typically harder to lose than other body fat. Eating coconuts are excellent for one’s immunity.


The healthy fat in coconut slowdown rise in blood sugar levels and help to reduce cravings


Nutrients per 100 gm

Calories -114kcal

Fat – 3.9g

Carbs- 20.49g

Protein –1 g

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