Christmas is a wonderful time,festival of giving , family togetherness and beautiful music, decorations, feasting on special foods and singing Christmas carols throughout everywhere. All ofthis is supposedly centered around the worship of Christ. 
At this time of festivities and feasting, keep in mind some tips to remain fit,active and happy.
Keep The Body Active :
Staying active helps you feel better. Don’t forget to get in some movement, even if it’s just a 30 minutes of brisk walk or some rounds of sun salutation or go for a run.
Most of us have an extended period of time off work over Christmas so make the most of it by getting up early and going for a run. The cool weather and pretty sunrise makes an early morning workout more bearable and you’ll feel pleased with yourself for the rest of the day. Your little workout will give you heightened energy levels and strong metabolism through the day. So try to be fit in a few sessions over the Christmas to keep energy levels high. 
Stay Relaxed And Positive -:
Don’t allow yourself to get stressed. Remember to take time to rest & take care of yourself. Don’t over-do anything that will lead to a negative space.
Most impotantly try to make healthy choices. If your are on a party let your eyes feast first. Before eating, see what is being served. If there are raw vegetables or plain seafood, start with those, to take the edge off your appetite. Fresh fruit salad or baked apples would make a much healthier alternative to usual Christmas pudding.
Use low fat custards or crème fraiche, as this will add to your reduced fat intake.
It is usually all the little extras that pile on the calories and with all the tasty snacks around at Christmas, it is easy to overdo it. E.g. a single mince pie contains about 250 calories! So if possible make sure you have healthy options to hand, such as:
Fresh or dried fruit like dates, figs and apricots. Chestnuts are lower in fat than most other nuts, so roast a few and forget about the salted peanuts.
Plain popcorn, pretzels, raw vegetables and low fat dips.
While a couple of glasses of red wine may be good for your heart, too much won’t help you feel at your best.
So knowing the moderation is the most important factor to keep in mind.
Drink regularly to stay hydrated.If you are drinking alcohol, be sure to up your water intake a bit so you don’t get that horrid holiday hangover.
Effective time management and smart eating habits will let you stay in good shape even when the party season goes into high gear!Have a clear idea of what to expect coz more positive actions are likely to be forgotten, such as workout and moderate eating habits.

With all these tips I WANNA B FIT wishes healthiest and happiest holidays...

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