Celebrate Karwachauth The Healthy Way!

Celebrate Karwachauth The Healthy Way!
So this karva chauth you’ve planned everything to the ‘T’ – designer saree, jewellery, mehendi and most importantly, the delicious menu! But have you taken precautions to stay healthy and energetic all day long?
The day-long fast can take a toll on your health with low blood pressure, acidity, nausea, vomiting and headaches.
Here are a few health tips to eat right which will stop you from feeling week and uncomfortable.
The sargi 
In the morning while you have sargi, try and avoid very sugary foods. If it's a must, have only a bit to taste or so. The principle is that sweet foods tend to aggravate hunger later in the day, therefore, avoid those hunger pangs by avoiding too much sweet. Homemade paneer is a healthy option as it is high in protein and will therefore fill you up for longer.
Go nutty 
Consuming nuts such as almonds and walnuts as they make up your energy reserves for the day. These nutritious nuts are high in essential fats (linked to anti-ageing and lowering cholesterol) and are also high in protein, which will keep you satiated for longer.
Fill up on H2O 
Drink 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water. If the water is warm, it gets absorbed faster as it matches ambient body temperature. This is important so fuel up your reserves at the time of your sargi.
Be a busy bee 
The way to not think about food is to keep you occupied throughout the day. Keep yourself busy with friends and family, low energy work or household chores to keep your attention diverted from the fact that you are not eating. A great way to spend some time with friends and relax completely is to go to a spa together.
Evening tea 
It's a personal choice to consume something liquid in the evening. For those of you, who would like to do this, make sure that if you're having tea, to drink it with ample milk? Otherwise having tea on an empty stomach will increase the acidity of the stomach and may cause pain (tannic acid in tea can up the acidity factor). You could also consume lemonade with sugar and salt.
Breaking the fast 
When you open your fast at night, make sure to not consume oily or spicy foods. This is because; the stomach's acidity is high at this time anyway due to lack of food or water all day. Instead, consume light food, high in good quality carbohydrates and protein to replenish the body's lost energy stores. Also make sure to consume 3-4 glasses of liquids until you sleep to take care of any dehydration that has occurred in the course of the day. A glass of lemonade may also aid digestion at this time.
After the fast
Tea or coffee immediately after breaking the fast is not a good idea. As your acidity levels are already high due to the fast, coffee or tea will only aggravate or add to your uneasiness. Drinking water or fruit juice once you break the fast is a good idea. 
Happy Karwa Chauth!!

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