Brown Rice for Rice Lovers !

Brown Rice for Rice Lovers !


Brown Rice 

The fiber in brown rice can help to down blood cholesterol levels and help blood sugar levels even. While white rice contains few nutrients other than starch, brown rice has several nutritional benefits. Regular consumption of brown rice and other which grains has been shown to help prevent heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, as brown rice is reasonably law GI food. It also contains vitamin B, which help to convert food into energy and help the nervous system healthy.  

Did you know?

The longer you store raw brown rice, the longer it may take to cook. Left overcooked rice can be kept for a day or two in a refrigerator. If you cool it quickly, but it must be re heated until piping before serving.

Nutrients per 100 gm

  • Calories 358
  • Fat 3g
  • Protein 10g
  • Carb- 92g  

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