Breathing Exercise To Control Weight........

Breathing Exercise To Control Weight........

Kapalbhati :

  • Come in a comfortable sitting position.
  • Breathe in deeply through your nose, expanding your stomach and chest cavity.
  • Exhale quickly squeezing your stomach muscles in toward your backbone and only exhale as many times you can after one inhale. You will see abdominal area making inward and outward movements.
  • If you are not able to exhale more, deep inhale and exhale. Again inhale and start.
  • Practice this for five minutes, increasing the time and speed with which you exhale as you get more comfortable.
  • The stretching and compression should be done in a rhythm.

*Please perform yoga asana under guidance of trained instructor, we are not medical organization please do not consider it as advice or diagnosis. Please speak to the doctor before starting Yoga poses

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