Breakfast and Weight Loss

Breakfast and Weight Loss


Our ancestors use to say Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a beggar is very important saying people those who follow tends to loose and maintain weight. Researches have been done across world and the reports show that people who eats breakfast tends to lose weight. Some facts about doing your breakfast

1. Breakfast increases your metabolism

Maintaining a good metabolism is very important in weight loss. After a night without eating, your body is in a fasting state, as it would be if no food were available. People who do not eat until lunchtime are without food for more than 15-16 hours. For the entire morning, instead of working at peak rates and burning off more calories, your body will be trying to conserve everything it can. Eating a healthy breakfast will speed up your metabolism and make it work harder.  You could be better off cutting calories by eating smaller lunch and definitely smallest dinner rather than cutting and not eating breakfast. Time will always be factor but if you start your day15 min early and make breakfast a routine it will become an important integral part of your lifestyle.  Try Doing It For Week!

2. Breakfast increases your energy levels 

Research have shown that people who eat breakfast in the morning are less tired and irritable during the day, perform better in office  and have more energy levels and will make you active during the day and you will tend to burn more energy.

Eating a healthy, low fat and low GI breakfast is the good option while you want to lose weight. The important factor is eating right breakfast as oats, fruits, eggs, cereals are good food choices.  Eating breakfast will help you to lose weight and is a much better choice than skipping the meal, which will leave you with less energy, and may cause you to overcompensate with wrong foods later in the day.

Have Your Breakfast,

                                    Lose your weight

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