Boost Up Your Kids Lunch Box

Boost Up Your Kids Lunch Box
The school-age period has been called the latent time of growth. The rate of growth slows and body changes occur gradually. WHO has defined health as “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity”. Thus a healthy “child” is one who is active, happy, cheerful and playful. He has good appetite, eats well and grows well.
• Breakfast is important particularly for a school child,  study conducted by NIN( 2003- 2004) confirmed that eating breakfast regularly is a significant factor influencing better academic performance.
• Snacks remain an important part of the diet. The meal taken on return from school is important to meet the nutritional requirement.
• Family dinner has been identified as a foundation of healthful food choice. During the family dinner time TV should be switched off so that the member’s can concentrate on the food and the conversation. “Incidental advantages are the children learn not to waste food, to clean up the place and eating neatly.
Points to be considered in planning a packed lunch:
• Packed lunch has become a necessity for school going children. Taking lunch from home needs a little effort, but helps in maintaining good health. 
• The packed lunch should meet one- third daily requirement of calories, protein and other nutrients of the child, to boost concentration and energy for the rest of the school day.
• Inclusion of one serving of green leafy vegetables would take care of many vitamins and minerals.
• Addition of egg, milk& milk product like curd or paneer, and combination of cereals and pulses would also improve the quality of protein.
• Monotony should be avoided in packed lunches. These should be variety.
Suggested packed lunch:
1. Tomato pasta + 1 orange fruit
2. Pan pizza (thick roti as base with lots cheese and veggie)
3. Cheese or paneer sandwich + guava
4. Paneer kathi roll + 5 almonds + 5 walnuts
5. Suji idli + chutney + anar

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