Beat the Humidity & Enjoy the Summer

Beat the Humidity & Enjoy the Summer
Summer is the right time to chill out. There are so many things to enjoy, cool fruits and desserts being a few of them. The days are long which means you can spend a lot of time outdoors hanging out with friends. You can enjoy pool side parties, Long chat session at the ice cream parlor! All this boosts up the fun quotient of summer. However, one always has to be careful while enjoying the summer.
Drink plenty of fluids:
During humid weather, you will need to drink more liquid than your thirst indicated. However avoid having cold beverages because they can cause stomach cramps. Ideally avoid alcohol and caffeine and drink those beverages that contain electrolytes. For example add pinch of salt in the lemon water and have. The electrolytes help to maintain the water balance of the body and guard the body against dehydration and heat stroke. 
Eat right:
Eat light. Avoid piping hot food and oily heavy meal – they add heat to your body. Eat small meals and eat more often. Avoid cut fruit from street side vender. Have more of vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber etc.
Dress right:
Choose lightweight, light- colored, loose- fitting clothing. Stay away from synthetic or any king of heavy fabric. It is a good idea to wear hats or use umbrella. Wear sunglasses, it protects your eyes from the sun’s UV rays.
Fruit delight time:
Summer without fruits is like a song without rhythm. Summer is blessed with many delicious fruits that replenish the body’s water level and at the same time, are gastronomical delights. The refreshing cucumber on afternoon cannot be put in words. Here is a list of a few must- have fruits for summer.
1. Mango( have in moderation)
2. Litchi
3. Watermelon( include other melon types also)
4. Black plum or jamun.
Make this summer fun and healthy...!!

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