Be My Fit Valentine Series

Be My Fit Valentine Series
Very simple quote with very deep meaning.
So promise your valentine this year to be fit and remind him/her of fitness everyday.
You can't control the laws of nature, nor can you control the nature of others, but what you can control, influences outcomes in your and your partners life by reminding him/her for most valuable asset—FIT AND
Mental health and physical health have a lot in common. Both benefit from basic and regular maintenance. Nutrition and exercise are the basic maintenance for both a healthy mind and a healthy body.  
Diet and exercise are most important tools of physical health. Many of the symptoms associated with deterioration in mental health – including fatigue, lack of energy, poor concentration, anxiety and poor body image – benefit from exercise and a healthy diet.
Diet and exercise are also crucial to the prevention and management of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, among many others. 
It makes sense that a nutritious diet helps keep you healthy both physically and mentally. Good nutrition helps the body  maintain a healthy weight, manage stress, and fuels the physical activity that is part of a healthy lifestyle. The brain, like any other organ, needs the right nutrients to function well and stimulate proper hormones.
All the physical aspects of exercise that benefit the also benefit the brain and all of the neurological functions it performs.
Exercise is an effective tool for managing stress, as well as symptoms that stem from stress including worry, irritability and sleep problems. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can help alleviate anxiety.
The effects of exercise on the immune system boost both mental and physical fitness. Regular exercise helps boost white blood cells and can help fight off infection. In addition to its physical benefits, exercise has psychological benefits as well. It can build confidence, help people set and meet goals and most importantly prevents you from obesity , cause of all major problems…

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