Be aware Chocoholics

Be aware Chocoholics
“Chocolate is my favorite food. Day and night I can relish only on chocolates for every meal.”
Eating a little chocolate as a fun for dessert after a meal is far different from eating a box of chocolates to replace that meal. Chocolate is made from cocoa, a plant food. It contains health-protective compounds called flavonoids that help relax blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and increase blood flow to the brain. But pure cocoa is bitter and unpalatable; it needs a lot of added sugar to make a palatable yummy chocolate bar. So sugar takes over the nutritive value of flavonoids, leaving chocolate an unhealthy food. Dark chocolate does contain more flavonoids than milk chocolate. So a small piece of dark chocolate after a meal will satisfy you, and even this small amount has been shown to slightly reduce blood pressure.

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