Amla Health Immunobooster

Amla Health Immunobooster


Amla, the best source of vitamin C in a vegetarian diet. Through you may not find its taste appealing, don’t be quick to dismiss it. Amla works as hair tonic and is an essential hair care taker. Drinking amla juice with honey is very beneficial for glowing and blemishes free skin. Regular intake of amla almost always results in a stronger healthier digestive system and it improves overall immunity.

Did you know?

Regular use of pain killer, antibiotics, and medication, regular intake of alcohol all cause toxin binds up in the liver. Amla helps and rid of the body these toxins. It thus helps purifies blood.

Nutrients value per 100gm of amla

  • Calories-58 kcal
  • Protein -0 g
  • Carbs - 18 g 
  • Fat-trace

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