A Sequence of Powerful Yoga Poses To Keep You In Shape This Monsoon Part II

A Sequence of Powerful Yoga Poses To Keep You In Shape This Monsoon Part II

Every time you attain a yoga position, it is very important to maintain correct posture. Warm up through exercises the neck, arm and shoulder, knee, stomach and back, legs and waist and the with a slight variation in the forth pose, go on following the same sequence of powerful yoga poses to get a flat belly, toned thighs and sculpted arms doing it for just 10 min everyday in your fitness routine in normal breathing.
How to perform:
Posture 1 – Stand straight, if possible facing the morning sun. Fold your hands like we do in prayers and bring these close to your chest. 
Posture 2 – With hands still folded, raise your arms up in the air and breathe in. Bend backwards making an arch like structure from hands to feet. Make sure that your spine is flexible enough to do this. Do not overstretch yourself otherwise you can get injured.
Posture 3 – Bring your hands down while breathing out. Touch the floor with hands by keeping them on either side of your feet. Make sure not to bend your knees in this posture. This posture is very helpful in reducing fat around waist by aiding digestion.
Posture 4 – Lower your hips and stretch your left leg backward while breathing in. Balance your left leg on your toe. Keep the right leg bent. Keep your hands firmly on the ground and now raise your head upward as if seeing the sky. This will provide flexibility to spine and leg muscles. With this posture the body’s immune system also gets a boost.
Posture 5 – Breathe out and push your right leg parallel to the left leg. Raise your hips. Keep your arms and knees straight and your head to face your navel.
Posture 6 – Hold your breath while bringing your hips down. Your hands and feet are still in the same position. Stretch your body close to the floor. Keep your face downwards and bring your knees and chest close to the floor. While doing this posture, 8 points of your body touch the floor – palms, toes, knees, forehead and chest.
Posture 7- Inhale as you roll over your toes and, using your arms, press away from the floor and lift your chest into Upward-Facing Dog 
Posture 8- Exhale as you roll your toes back over and lift and press your hips back into Downward-Facing Dog 
Posture 9-. Inhale and step your left leg in front between your feet and your palms besides your feet, stretching right leg backwards.
Posture 10-Exhale as you step your other feet forward to meet your hands. Inhale as you extend your gaze and chest 
Posture 11- Exhale as you fold forward over your legs 
Posture 12- Inhale as you extend your arms wide to the sides, lift your chest, come all the way up to standing, and press your palms overhead. Exhale as you release your arms and return to Mountain pose. 
Repeat the same exercise taking your right leg back in the forth posture and bringing right leg forward in the nineth posture.
This completes your one cycle.

After completing the cycle, lay down in shawasan i.e.corpse pose for deep relaxation.
Repeat two to five times. 

is highly beneficial if you want to lose weight.
It helps in improving posture and provides strength to the muscles.
assists in stimulating every system of the body. It strengthens the heart, keeps the nervous system in place and makes the digestive system strong.
All the glands starts functioning properly 
Regulates your body, removes your stress and helps you in getting sound sleep.

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