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7 Fast Weight Loss Secrets

7 Fast Weight Loss Secrets
Many weight loss diets are best described as “Crash Diets”, which will certainly enable you to lose weight fast, but are not sustainable once you go off their diet.
Here are few principals behind losing weight naturally:
1. Eat smaller portions of nutritious food regularly (e.g.: 4 small meals per day)
So that you will not feel hungry most of the time. So to avoid hunger pangs eat smaller and regular portions of healthy food. This will also boost your metabolism which is key to your success.
2. Drink minimum 10-12 glasses water per day
Water is very important because it regulates body temperature, aids digestion, transports nutrients to working muscles and organs. Everyday water is consumed or expelled from our bodies, which means that it needs to continuously replace.
When we don’t drink enough fluids, our body gives us signals which resemble hunger pangs. By staying well hydrated throughout the day, we minimize the chance of unnecessary eating and maximize our chances of achieving our goals.
3. Get 8 hours sleep every night
Research says that hormonal activity is tied with your appetite. If you don’t get enough sleep your hormones are affected which in turn affect your appetite. That is why getting a good night sleep is so very important to your success.
4. Allow yourself a free day
During your diet keep one day as a “Cheat Treat” to enjoy food of your preferences but in moderation keeping in mind your weekly efforts, this way you are depriving yourself of your favorite foods.
5. Be Organized
Plan your meals in advance, so that you are never in short of healthy and nutritious meal or options to eat. And this will help you to stay on track.
6. Eat your food in its natural taste
Limit the quantity of heavy sauces and dressings or spices or herbs to flavor fresh ingredients. Creamy sauces and dressings are loaded with empty calories that will stop you from achieving your weight loss goals.
7. Last but most important……….Be Consistent 
                              And reward yourself when you reach Goals!!

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