5 Steps To Lose Weight This Valentine

5 Steps To Lose Weight This Valentine

   Impress your sweetheart by your slim and healthy look for this Valentine’s Day. The thinner you are the more attractive you will be. Societies have always valued thinness so the standard of beauty will never change. Keep tracking your weight and fit to your dresses before the Valentine’s Day.  

Overweight and Obesity is due to positive energy balance, the intake of calorie is more than the expenditure of energy. It is a complex multi factorial chronic disease developing from interactive influence of numerous factors-social behavioral, psychological, metabolic, cellular and molecular (genetic).
Dietary guidelines for obese people:
• Obese people should be convinced that there is no other way of reducing weight except by consuming less calories and by expending more energy.
• Maintaining weight is life long process and a permanent change should be brought in dietary habits.
• The diet should be adequate in all other nutrients except calories. The diet should consist of all five food groups.
• Water can be consumed in unlimited quantity, fruit juice, coffee; tea can be consumed without sugar. Alcohol should be avoided.
• Method of cooking should be modified. Boiling, poaching, steaming, pressure cooking and simmering with no additional fat should be the methods of cooking.
• Even low calories food should not be taken in unlimited quantities.
5 Best ways to burn 100 calories per day:
• Add some of the activities to your everyday to burn 100 calories.[ Mopping – 20 min, Cooking – 35min, Cleaning and dusting – 25 min]
• Take your partner out for a fun date on a bowling alley, 20-25min there you can say bye to 100 calories. Well, you can also go for dip in the pool 15min of swimming will be fun and a good way to burn 100 calories.
• Cycling is a good form of exercise and just 20 min of casual cycling can help you burn 100 calories. It tones up your leg muscled really well and help you to recover from any back pain as well.
• If you love dancing go ahead. Dance is a exercise for your entire body 20 min of moderate pace dancing is a n easy way to burn 100 calories.
• Approximately 20min of yoga everyday can help you burn 100 calories.
Start your healthy diet and daily activities to look gorgeous on your special valentine’s day  

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