5 Last Minute Tips to get Bikini Body...

5 Last Minute Tips to get Bikini Body...
While curves are most appreciated on a bikini body, a slight bulge of fat can turn into a complete eyesore. The bikini spares no one. So what do you do when an important beach trip comes up and you find yourself a tad bit out of shape? Don’t worry; you can still sizzle in your bikini with these few last minute tips and a little more confidence.  
Cut down on salt 
Salt causes water retention which makes your belly look bloated. A few days prior to your beach trip, cut down on salt as much as possible. Also avoid processed foods as these too are loaded with salt. Drink a lot of water instead as water acts as the best diuretics to flush out the body. 
Try a fruit and veggie cleanse
A detox diets comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables will help your body cut down on any high fat foods. However make sure you drink a lot of water to avoid constipation. Also be careful about how often you try a detox diet as prolonged use of this can deprive your body of other essential nutrients. 
Cut caffeine, consume green tea instead
Caffiene and alcohol too causes water retention. Cut back on such drinks completely for a few days. Opt for green tea instead as it is really healthy and also helps get rid of excess fluids that cause bloating. 
Burn more calories than your eat
Begin calorie counting to ensure that you burn more calories than you consume. If you’ve been used to a comfortable gym workout, increase the difficulty level a little bit more to ensure there is some amount of weight loss. Let your bikini body goal motivate you to burn extra fat. 
Concentrate on toning problem areas
Don’t concentrate on cardio to burn calories, get working on toning your body too as this will directly affect your bikini body appearance. Concentrate on problem areas like your tummy, arms and thighs depending on your body type. 

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